Jackson Hole, Wyoming

September 6-7, 2008

From Boise, we took Highway 20 to Idaho Falls, then Jackson Hole. We stopped for a lunch break at the Craters of the Moon national momument. Now that's something I could have missed. Just flat fields of lava rock.

We stayed at the Gross Ventre Campground just north of town, along the Gross Ventre River. A very nice, quiet campground with a great view of the Grand Tetons.

The campground is four miles off the highway, along a meadow where we saw herds of wild buffalo and antelope.


Gross Ventre River
Jackson Hole

The next morning, we drove into Jackson Hole for breakfast and a
quick walking tour. It's a bustling tourist town, but we got there early enough that it still had a sleepy feel.

We were also able to buy car fuses and a new phone charger to correct a minor electrical issue.

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