Navajo BridgeFelton, California

July 19-23, 2009

While visiting friends in Santa Cruz, we saved a good amount of money by camping in nearby Henry Cowell State Park. Just a few miles from downtown Santa Cruz, the campground is in a very wooded area with many trails, including one through an old redwood grove. It's also right next to the Roaring Camp Railroad, so you hear the train whistles of old steam engines all day.

The campground itself was unspectacular, and we really didn't spend very much time there. But one day, after Kate had flown home to go back to work, I hiked through the redwoods, visited the train station, and drove up to Brookdale to see the cabin I'd lived in for eight years.

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Henry Cowell Campground


After living in the Santa Cruz Mountains for 8 years and driving by this campground every day on my way into town, it was kind of funny to be camping here. Even funnier when we pulled in and found the ranger in the booth was a friend we hadn't seen in 20 years!

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