Fern Ridge Reservoir, Oregon Sunset on the Beach

September 24-25, 2011

Just west of Eugene is a large reservoir that locals flock to for boating. There's a marina, campground, and a couple of day use parks. Perfect for a close-by one-night getaway.

Kate and I had camped the night before at Baker Bay on Dorena Lake, but discovered the lake was infested with blue-green algea -- poison for people and dogs. So when we picked up Aly and her friend, Naja, to join us on Saturday, we headed to Fern Ridge for a lake we could actually get in.


Tillicum Beach campsite

We stayed at Richardson Campground, near the marina. The main part of the campground was rather crowded due to a Grateful Dead gathering in Eugene, but they'd kept open a few sites in the section across the road -- much more spacious and very quiet.

We spent most of Saturday floating in the lake. The weather was unseasonably warm -- in the upper 80s -- turning cloudy and cooler the next day.



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