Cross-Country Trip Itinerary

September 5 - 24, 2008

  1. Eastern Oregon. A drive east through Oregon's high desert through to Idaho.
  2. Boise, Idaho. A guest room for the night at my brother and sister-in-law's house.
  3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A night at Gross Ventre campground with a great view of the Grand Tetons.
  4. Grand Tetons National Park. A slow drive and picnic through these gorgeous mountains.
  5. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. A cold night in Grant Village campground, then a day touring the park.
  6. Cody, Wyoming. We left Yellowstone at dusk, driving through a giant herd of buffalo, and stopped at a sweet little KOA campground in Cody for the night.
  7. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. A quick overnight in Timber Creek Campground.
  8. Boulder, Colorado. A quick visit with my nephew, Andy.
  9. Somewhere, Kansas. An overnight in a cute KOA.
  10. Springfield, Missouri. Family reunion and Dad's 80th birthday party.
  11. Somewhere, Texas. An overnight on the Texas panhandle.
  12. Coyote Creek, New Mexico. A chilly overnight in a nice state park campground.
  13. Taos, New Mexico. Breakfast in Taos.
  14. Earthships. A stopover to explore an "earthship" in the New Mexico desert.
  15. Durango, Colorado. A visit with my brother and his fiance.
  16. Four Corners, Arizona. A stop to enjoy the scenery.
  17. Colorado River, Arizona. A walk across the Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River.
  18. Grand Canyon National Park. Two nights at the North Ridge Campground.
  19. Kanaab, Utah. A stop at a garage to get the teardrop's broken wheel crank.
  20. Zion National Park, Utah. Three nights in an RV Park. One day hike to the Emerald Pools. One day hike in The Narrows.
  21. Red Canyon, Utah. Lunch at a rest stop in the midst of red cliffs.
  22. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. A drive around the canyon and a few short hikes.
  23. Nevada. A long, long drive through the Nevada desert, and a motel stop in Ely.
  24. Honey Lake, California. An overnight at an RV park, and a day trip looking for Kate's land.
  25. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. A drive around Crater Lake before finally returning home.


Cross-Country Trip



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