Coyote Creek Campground, New Mexico

our campsiteSeptember 15-16, 2008

In New Mexico, we found Coyote Creek, a great campground about an hour south of Taos. Being mid-week in September (with high-altitude cold at night), the place was nearly empty.

Having driven through a pounding thunderstorm to get there, we were grateful to find a sheltered table, just in case the rain started up again.

We only had one neighbor in our area, and they were kind enough to loan us a hair dryer so we could dry out our bedding. (Turns out the teardrop doors aren't exactly storm-proof.)

Coyote CreekThe campground was very large with lots of meadows and access to Coyote Creek (which Bailey appreciated). We spent the late afternoon soaking up the thin fall sun and romping with Bailey.

Kate got to try out the macro lens I got her for her birthday and got lots of great natures shots.

The next morning, it was 35 degrees with a howling wind. We didn't bother with breakfast. Just packed up fast and high-tailed it out of there to Taos.

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