Stanley, Idaho

Sawtooth MountainsAugust 17-20, 2010

After a quick overnight in a primitive campground on the Payette River north of Banks, Idaho, we drove to Stanley, where we were to meet my brother and sister-in-law for two nights of camping in the Sawtooth Mountains.

Chris and Karen They had reserved space at the Elk Creek Campground, 8 miles east of Stanley. It was a small roadside campground, with pit toilets and pump water. As it turns out, we had the whole campground (three sites) to ourselves, which was perfect for giving the three dogs free rein.

Next to the campground was a meadow and Elk Creek, which the dogs loved Redfish Laketromping and swimming in. Our first night together, Chris grilled steak pinwheels (yum!). The next day, we drove into Red Fish Lake, where we lunched at the lodge and let the dogs romp on Dog Beach. We then rented a boat to drive us and the dogs all around the lake.

The next day, Kate and I visited Custer City, a ghost mining town, before heading to Swan Lake, Montana to meet our friends.

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